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Route de l’Ancienne Papeterie 180, 1723 Marly, Switzerland

We create, produce and sell new functional materials and structures based on cellulose for a wide variety of consumer products and advanced applications.

We employ scientific methods to tailor cellulose into efficient biobased materials solving customer pain points - nontoxic and cost-effectively. Our cellulose functional materials are produced using energy efficient industrial processes.

Our core values

STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE: Commit to the relentless pursuit of excellence and dedicate yourself to enhancing our proposition each day towards sustained and long-term success.

EMBRACE TRUTH-SEEKING: Prioritise thinking from first principles, questioning your biases and discovering truths over personal validation.

THINK LIKE A CUSTOMER: Centre decision-making on the customer, prioritising their needs and satisfaction.

BE ACCOUNTABLE: Take ownership for achieving tangible results, prioritise reliability and drive collective success.

EVERY OPINION MATTERS: Recognise the collective strength of a diverse team where curiosity, collaboration and open, respectful communication thrive.

ACT RESPONSIBLY: As we innovate and progress, ensure that our solutions contribute positively to society and minimize our environmental footprint.

BUILD TRUST: Uphold high ethical standards prioritising honesty, integrity, and fairness establishing a foundation of trust with our stakeholders.

ENJOY THE JOURNEY: Infuse enthusiasm into your work, fostering a positive and vibrant environment that sparks creativity.

Our Awards & Partners

Deep tech meets business

Seprify combines decades of entrepreneurial experience with leading technology expertise across fields, complemented by diversity and attracting young bright minds. We aim to develop products that change the world through impact.
Oliver Polcher
CBO & Chairman
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Dr Lukas Schertel
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Dr Wadood Hamad
Connect with Wadood
Dr Sandra Wohlhauser
Lab Manager
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Dr Doha Abdelrahman
Material Scientist
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Kathleen Cocodeau
Product developer
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Dr Cansu Igci Kose
Connect with Cansu
Dr Davide di Francesco
Connect with Davide
Ana Rebelo
Chemical Engineer
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Elena Zimmermann
Lab technician
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Gwillem Mosedale
Business Developer
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Beata Krajewska
Office Manager
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Nino Zosso
Master Student ETH
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Nadia Aeby
Financial Controler
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Nicolas Berg
Board Member
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Prof. Silvia Vignolini
Scientific Advisor
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Careers at Seprify

Our material design has been inspired by the ultra-thin, brilliant white structure found in the scales of the Cyphochilus beetle.

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