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Route de l’Ancienne Papeterie 180, 1723 Marly, Switzerland

Processing & scaling technology

Our unique extraction & separation technology allows us to tune cellulose functionality by physical control and chemical treatments – without chemical modifications and avoiding harmful processing. Our treatments are environmentally responsible and ensure a lowered GHG emission footprint for our customers.


Pulp, Agrofibers, Recycled sources, Industrial sidestreams

Patented Process

Unique extraction, separation and purification


Opacifier, Emulsifier, Texturizer, Functional ingredients, Pigments

Not just a white pigment

Highly functional, 100% natural and can be used in a wide range of formulations…

Color & Hiding

Our color solutions allow to achieve high opacity, coverage and UV protection – from white coatings, bulk color to color blending.

Texture & Rheology

Our materials help you improve texture and control rheology – from gravies, creams, emulsions, gels to paints.

Electronics & more

Our functional cellulose solutions allow high control of optical and electronic properties – from conductive inks, hydrophobic films to self-assembled structural color coatings.

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